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A Welcome to Australia Weekend for Lina Vol. 2

When we got early up on Sunday morning for another trip, I could hardly believe my eyes. It was raining heavily! How come that the weather was like this if it was forecasted to be 30 degrees and sunny?!

Our plan was to drive to Phillip Island with Phil. It’s an Island just 90 minutes away from Melbourne city which is supposed to be a must see destination for holidaymakers.

The more you look forward to doing something, the bigger is your disappointment. So I was honestly very annoyed when we decided to cancel our plan due to the bad weather.

What to do now? Why not going to visit a museum? We decided to go to Melbourne Museum which was actually a good alternative because it offers very interesting interactive features. For instance, we saw a short film about the reproduction in the exhibition section “Mind and Body” which ended with the birth of a baby. After the film I was thinking: I would never give the birth to a Child in the nature way!Towards 11’o clock the weather suddenly appeared to get better. Since I was still hopping to go to Phillip Island, I suggested the girls and Phil to go. Guess what: My instinct was absolutely right. When we got there it was sunny and about 30 degrees. Our first Stop was Smith surfing beach. Now you may know why I was so keen to go there, because I wanted to try surfing and Phil who has surfed 2 times before, should give me a lessen.

While Maren and Lina were enjoying relaxing on the sand beach, Phil and me hired two learner’s surf boards and a wet suit for me (I can tell you it was so hard to pull this extremely tight suit on!) And there we GO!

After Phil had demonstrated me how to surf, I tired to get used to the board and I found it’s really hard to jump on the board before the wave came, so I couldn’t managed to be caught by the waves, although I tried to paddle as fast I could. You can’t imagine how exhausting it was, so I was already so tired after a while. Later I tried to practice further to the beach where the water was shallower and the waves were less rough. It turned out that it’s much easier to surf there. Towards the end of one hour I had my first try to stand up, unfortunately unsuccessful, but it was a great fun and I really hope to surf again before I have to leave.

After some rest on the beach and a pizza dinner we drove to the south end of the Island to see the penguin parade, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Victoria. It’s about little penguins that are returning home from ocean after a day’s fishing each night at sunset as their natural habitat. To witness this parade from a viewing area at the beach you need buy a ticket. That was what we did. Since we were told before to be there early to get the best places, we already arrived an hour before sunset and were excited to see the world’s smallest penguin coming out the water.

As the sun faded in the sky, the first few of approximately 600 penguins emerged out the water and begun to waddle up the beach in a row, then stopped at one, turn around, and jumped again one by one in the water as if they still didn’t want to go home. It was so funny and cute. I am not kidding, they even repeated this process for a several time, so it took ages until they finally walk very slowly across the beach toward the viewing stand where we were sitting and then to their burrows in the sand dune. It was really an amazing experience to see these clumsy and cute little things going home!

Sorry Guys, can't show any pictures of the penguins, because fotos were strictly forbidden as the flash can harm the penguins. Later we could have a close view of some penguins, as their burrows in the sand dune are on both sides of the boardwalks we went through.  

Maren and me asked an employee of the visitor centre about the roles of the penguin parents. One of them is staying with the children while the other one is going fishing for a few days and then they swap the roles. We also have heard that they can get 2 infants each time, but in most case only one can survive because there isn’t enough food available. But it’s just nature.

It was already very late at the night when we left Phillip Island for Melbourne. I was terribly tired, but happy as we really had a good time!
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