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You are never dressed up enough for Melbourne’s Cup!

Hey Guys!

Last week is really short one for me since I started to work after an extended weekend on Wednesday again. Although I got 4 days free, there are not really much to mention, because the most of time from Saturday until this Tuesday was quite relaxing and unspectacular:

Friday: joined Mervyn (a Malaysia-Chinese I met through my daily journey with train) to a R’n’B night club near my place and met there a lot of other Malaysia –Chinese guys. The funny thing about them that they all don’t speak Chinese! That’s why they are so called Bananas! Explanation: A banana is yellow outside like their skin colour (okay we Asians are more yellow than white), but inside they are 100% Aussies, so white like the inside of a banana, you get it?! Later on Rhea joined in and has been treating me to beers and shots all the night. Don’t worry, I didn’t get drunk just a little bit tipsy….

Saturday: Got home at 5 am after clubbing, sleeping, got up after 6 hours, met Phil for shopping in a DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) near the airport which is not easy to get there, returned with new stuffs because otherwise it wouldn’t be worth travelling so long to go there. In the evening we went to see the British movie “Death at a funeral” which was so hilarious because everything goes wrong in that film and makes you laugh every time!

You know I love to go to cinemas and there is really something special about Australian cinemas that I haven’t see in German cinemas before. I have heard that some cinemas here offer so called “Gold Class”. You have probably to pay more than the double you pay for a normal cinema, but in a Gold Class you will see the movie in a kind of lounge which is elegant and suitable for not more than 30 people. You will seat there in a big comfortable couch where you can lean back and relax like you watched the TV from your bed and you can push a button beside you to call a waiter who can serve you food and drinks whenever and whatever you want during the whole movie! It sounds really cool, doesn’t it? You must be feeling like a very exclusive VIP enjoying other people doing services for you!

Sunday: shopping alone in a raining day. Monday: shopping…. You must be thinking I am crazy about shopping right? In some ways maybe you are right, but this time I was looking desperately for an outfit to wear on the Melbourne’s Cup!Just letting know what was going on in Melbourne recently: The Melbourne’s Cup insists of 4 traditional horse racing days with international participation and is supposed to be one of the greatest sporting events in the world. The Cup is also famous for its fashion. I’m not kidding. It is a tradition that all guys have to wear suit which is just a simple thing in contrast to the preparation the girls need to do. They do have to wear dresses and hats or fascinators (accessories made of feathers) as if they are going to attend a cocktail party. I guess you have certainly seen such a racing event before, perhaps on the TV or in the movie, for example, “Pretty Woman”, so some pictures of cliché may appear now in your head of elegantly dressed racegoers…

To be honest, I didn’t plan to go see the races at first. But then I realized that this Melbourne’s Cup is really a big event here in Australia: Already a month ago, you could find advertising of the races everywhere in the city, outfits and accessories were available in many shops, people were already excited about it, it’s truly an attraction of Melbourne that I thought I should attend it and bought me a general admission for 26 Bucks which is quite ok. Fortunately, by the end of day I got finally new dress and a cheap fascinator which is matching my dress! Well, actually as I have already mentioned you can find many shops offering the outfits and accessories, but it was hard to find some cheap ones, since I would never spend 60 $ on some feathers like the Aussies do!

Tuesday: Emirates Melbourne Cup Day! I went to the Australia’s richest race, the $ 5.1 million Emirates Melbourne Cup, with Phil and Steffi who is a German informant. When we got there, the racing day, which consisted of 10 races, had already begun and the field was full of people. And what people! The girls there were all looking just gorgeous like you were attending a model contest. I believe Phil really enjoyed seeing all the young pretty ladies, especially those who wore very short dresses, heheWith our tickets we didn’t have access to every area, either seats (that’s why they were quite cheap), so we went to the lawn stand which was just in front of the track. Siemens actually has a corporate marquee above the track with catering, but of course we were not invited. Got to the lawn stand, it was already crowded of racegoers. Some of them were really well prepared for the racing day: they brought their chairs, blankets, picnic stuffs and cool box full of beers! It was such a lovely day because the sun was shining all the time.

Honestly, I don’t really like horses, but I enjoyed watching the races, maybe because of the fantastic atmosphere there. However, we witnessed a very sad accident: It was the third race of the Cup program and a horse named Bay Story appeared to snap a hid leg in the last 150m of the race. After the race, Bay Story was shot because his leg was too badly broken to mend, how sad……

Since everybody bets on the races, we felt motivated to try it too. I bet on 2 horses, Purple Moon and Mahler, of the biggest race of the day after I had got an Insider tip from someone. When the race started, Each of Steffi and me shouted for our horses to win and it was so exciting! Now I can understand the Aussies who love to bet a bit, because it made such a fun to see your horse racing on the field. Guess what, I bet my horses gonna be under top 3, and Purple made the second, Mahler the third place! That was awesome! Although I only won 29 dollars (I paid 20 for 4 bets), I was really happy!

It was nearly 1830 pm when the last race finished, people, being either exhausted or really drunk, began to leave the field and left a messy lawn full of rubbish behind them…. (see the last pic!)

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