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Der Countdown läuft

Hallo ihr Lieben!
Herzlichen Willkommen auf meinem Blog!
Genau in 4 Tage ist es soweit!
Dann werde ich von Köln nach Frankfurt aufbrechen, um ins Flugzeug von Quantas einzusteigen und nach ca. 25 Stunden hoffentlich den australischen Boden endlich dann betreten zu dürfen!
Auf meiner Seite warten sicherlich bald ganz spannende (manchmal vielleicht auch weniger spannende) Berichte und tolle Fotos darauf von euch gesehen zu werden!
Ich würde mich sehr über eure Kommentare und einen Eintrag ins Gästebuch freuen!
Bis bald und habe euch lieb!

Hey Everybody!
Welcome to my blog! Here I will soon present you every exciting experience during my stay in Melbourne. just wait and see!
Give your comments and sign my guestbook,  I relly look forward to seeing it!
Love! Nannan
10.9.07 16:34

Farewell Party

As the departure to abroad drew near, Helge suggested to give a Farewell party in the name of all the 6 TS-Bachelors, which was a quite good idea. The party took place at Helge's home on last Saturday evening. Except for the Siemens fellows, Helge also invited his friends for the party. Unfortunately, Sophie and Monic were not able to take part.

We had tasty BBQ outside under a pavilion in the garden (Yummy, yummy!) Thank you Guido for your tomate-mozzarella salad and  Franzi for your noodle salad!

Later the guys that were the mojority on that evening insisted to watch the soccer game Germany against Wales, during which we girls were feeling a little bit bored but had no chance to resist....  

Afterwards we all sat outside in the warmth coming from a fan heater. The atmosphere was really nice. We were just drinking, chilling, talking for hours....No worry, nobody was actually drunken!

PS: The Australia Flag was a farewell gift from Helge' s friends to him!


My Farewell Party at Cologne

11.9.07 15:03

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